R O S E - L Y N N   F I S H E R    


The metaphor of threshold threads through my work.  As a point of entry and departure, a threshold gives structure to spatial, temporal and spiritual transition. As the margin between two states, it inevitably juxtaposes elements, ideas, or conditions, revealing what is not necessarily evident on its own. As in a dream, boundaries are no longer subject to ordinary expectation. Here, the sacred meets the mundane, the absurd joins the poignant, the limits of time and space no longer matter, a vanishing point becomes visible.

My work involves interacting with familiar elements to find their correspondence in a greater reality. Patterns in perspective create distance; patterns in time create tradition. In abstract and foreign spaces I examine the meaning of home and homeland. Whether following the routes (and roots) of imagination or tradition, in mixed-media or photography, in a constructed or documented reality, my quest remains essentially the same.

Rose-Lynn Fisher 2001 


Mixed-media works on paper

Selections from 1986-2003
acrylic, gold leaf, graphite, antique engravings, handmade mexican bark paper

all images Rose-Lynn Fisher ©1986-2004 all rights reserved

Solstice of Convergent Wonder(s), 1995, 47x34"

Essential Means 1992, 48x96"

Another, 1995 33x28"

Key, 1995 47x34""

Elemental Spring 1993 36x40""

Stages, 1991 34x47"

Anew, 1991 60x72"

New World Order, 1990 48x60"

Prelude, 1988, 32 x 40"