R O S E - L Y N N   F I S H E R    

contact: roselynnfisher8@gmail.com

Rose-Lynn Fisher’s photography explores interconnections among the realms within realms we inhabit along the micro-macro continuum, evoking sense of place, an inter-referencing of scale, the geometry and abstract beauty of structure and pattern throughout the living world.

Her path to photography and microscopy was fostered by earlier mixed media painting and assemblage, at play with juxtapositions, perspectives, pattern, and story.

Traversing aerial vistas and microscopic domains, her investigations include tears and bees, ocean, bone, and a range of fluids and tissues. Her recent work looks into more conceptual aspects of everyday elements.

She is the author of two books of photomicrographs: The Topography of Tears, a visual study of tears through an optical microscope, and BEE, ultra-close views of honeybees up to 5000x via SEM -scanning electron microscope.

Her work has been featured by Smithsonian Magazine, The New Yorker, The Marginalian, among many international publications and press.

Many exhibitions in galleries, festivals, and museums of art, science, and natural history, include Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Museum of Art Cornell University, Museum of Science Boston, Esbjerg Art Museum Denmark, among others.

In 2024 her work is included in a variety of exhibitions listed below.

She is represented by Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, exhibiting her new work, opening later this summer, participating in PST ART: Art & Science Collide.


MK&G, Hamburg, Germany
WATER PRESSURE: Designing for the Future
curators: Erika Pinner (MK&G)
and Jane Withers Studio
Mar 14 - Oct 13, 2024
includes Topography of Tears
JWithers interview

World Museum Liverpool
BEES: A story of survival
curated by Wolfgang Buttress
May 4, 2024 - May 5, 2025
incl micrographs from Bee series

Munkeruphus Museum (DK)
curators: Anna Maria Orrù, Morten Søndergaard, Annesofie Becker
May 25 - October 10

Écomusée du Marais Salant
Ile de Re, France
Cohésion, larmes de sel
curated by Aurélie GATLE
June 29 - Nov 1

Craig Krull Gallery
PST Art: Art & Science Collide
Stardust: Bone & Botticelli
Santa Monica, CA
August 31 - October 12

Middlebury College Museum of Art
Middlebury, VT
An Invitation to Awe
curated by Katy Smith Abbott
Sept 13 - December 8

Hyde Art Gallery, Grossmont College, La Cajon, CA
Curators Ted Meyer, Annie Claflin
March 18 - April 18


All Ends Well
Directed by Miroslav Janek
won Czech Lion Award for
Best Documentary of 2023
(incl micrographs from Bee series)

Robert Berman Gallery
Bergamot Station, Santa Monica
Focus on Women in Photography
February 14 - March 14

Torrance Art Museum
Torrance, CA
Art and Med
curated by Ted Meyer
July 22 - Sept 9


Curated by Ama Verdonckt
June 15, 2022 - ongoing


TextielMuseum, Tilburg, NL
The Art
of Lace
Curated by Sylvie Marot
Nov 16, 2019 - Sept 6, 2020


Hoyt Gallery, USC Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
N370S/L444P: Inside Out
Curated by Ted Meyer
August 5 - October 4, 2019

Esbjerg Art Museum
Esbjerg, Denmark
Wunderkammer 1 - liquid form
installation of 48 tear images
Curated by Christiane Finsen
Oct 6, 2018 - Mar 17, 2019
catalog english

Maloka Museum
Bogota, Colombia
Science of Love & Forgiveness
Curated by Nancy Carrillo
Feb 20 - May 2019

Historial de la Vendée

April 25 - Sept 1, 2019



Esbjerg Art Museum
Esbjerg, Denmark

Museum of Lace and Fashion
Calais, France
Haute Dentelle
Curated by Sylvie Marot
June 9, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The Human Insect
Curated by Mark Wigley
Mar 1 - Sept 23, 2018

Fresno Art Museum
Fresno, CA
California Nature
Curated by Jay Belloli
Jan 27 - June 10, 2018

Candela Gallery
Richmond, VA
Science as Muse
Jan 5 - Feb 12, 2018


Craig Krull Gallery
The Topography of Tears

Santa Monica, CA
October 21 - Nov 25, 2017

Canada Sci & Technology Museum
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hidden Worlds
Part of a permanent installation
opening November 17, 2017


Sloan Projects
Santa Monica, CA
Body of Research
Curated by Hannah Sloan
September 10 - Oct 8, 2016

Bakalar & Paine Galleries
Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston (MassArt)
Encircling the World: Contemporary Art, Science, and the Sublime
Curated by Darci Hannah
September 19 - Dec 3, 2016

PondyPHOTO 2016
Old Fort, Pondicherry, India
WATER / The Kitchen Sink
Curated by Cheryl Newman
August 27 - Sept 11, 2016

STATE Festival 2016
Festival for open science, art and society. STATE of Emotion.
Berlin, Germany
curated by Daniela Silvestrin
Nov 3 - Nov 5, 2016

Palais de Tokyo
Paris, France
Le Bord des Mondes
curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel
February 18- May 17, 2015

Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY,
Nova Scotia Museum Natural History,
Gallery Tanto Tempo, Kobe, Japan,
University of Wisconsin,
Morris Museum Morristown, NJ

Museum of Science Boston
Lotusland, Santa Barbara, CA
Mt Rokko Intl Photo Festival, Kobe

Museum of Science Boston, MA
Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Bass Museum of Art, Miami, FL
Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA,
Piermont Straus, Piermont, NY






1978            BFA Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, 1976-78
1973-75       UCLA, UC Santa Cruz


Solo Museum and Gallery Exhibitions (selected)

2024           upcoming Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, Stardust: Bone & Botticelli

2019            Hoyt Gallery, Keck School of Medicine, USC, Los Angeles, CA, N370S/L444P : Inside Out  link

2017            Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, The Topography of Tears link

2014            Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Halifax, NS, Canada, Bee info review

2013            Museum of Science, Boston, The Honeybee Revealed

2012            Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, Yonder link

2012            Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art, Scranton, PA, BEEyond link

2012            Piermont Straus Gallery, Piermont, NY, Bee

2011            Cross Mackenzie Gallery, Washington DC. The Landscape of Bees link

2010            Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, BEE link

2010            ML Bean Life Science Museum, BYU, Provo, UT, BEEyond link

2010            Farmani Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Bee

2008            Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Liminal Spaces/Morocco

2007            Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Shawnee, OK, mid-career survey: Here and There: The Worlds of Rose-Lynn Fisher

2006            Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, Liminal Spaces: Photographs of Morocco by Rose-Lynn Fisher info

2006            Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, CA, The Olive Grove info

2006            Brevard Museum of Art and Science (now Foosaner Art Museum), Melbourne, FL, Doggedly BEEyond info

2004            Jewish Cultural Center, Chattanooga, TN, Drinking from the Same Well  info

2003            Museum of Anthropology, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC details

                      Drinking from the Same Well: Jewish & Muslim Co-existence in Morocco

2003            Hudson Museum, University of Maine, Orono, The Children of Yesterday details 

2002            Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, The Present in the Past: Photographs of Morocco by Rose-Lynn Fisher

2000            Gallery of Contemporary Art, Umm el-Fahm, Israel, Essential Means

1998            Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, California State University, Los Angeles, Home/Homeland               

1995            Directors Guild of America, Los Angeles, CA, Fruits of the Negev

1991            Daniel Saxon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Other Places

1989            Saxon-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Events of Order and Necessity

1987            Saxon-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Interfaces


Museum Group Exhibitions

2024            Écomusée du Marais Salant, FR Cohésion, larmes de sel

2024            MUNKERUPHUS Contemporary Art, Denmark, Superorganisme

2024            World Museum Liverpool, UK, BEEs: A Story of Survival

2024            MK&G, Museum für Kunst Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, (Museum of Applied Art and Design) Water Pressure: Planning for the Future

2020            TextielMuseum, Tilburg, NL, The Art of Lace

2019            Maloka Museum, Bogota, Colombia, The Science of Love and Forgiveness

2018            Esbjerg Art Museum, Esbjerg, Denmark, (installation of 48 tear images) Wunderkammer 1 - liquid form info

2018            Museum of Lace and Fashion, Calais, FR, Haute Dentelle, link

2018            Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL The Human Insect: Antenna Architectures 1887 - 2017 link

2018            Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, Calif, California Nature link

2015            Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, Le Bord des Mondes link

2014            Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Beyond Earth Art: Contemporary Artists and the Environment link review

2012            Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, Honey and the Hive link

2012            Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL, UNNATURAL link

2011            Wave Hill, Bronx NY, Hive Culture: Captivated by the Honeybee link

2007            Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME, Both Sides of the Camera: Photographs from the Judith Ellis Glickman Collection link

2004            United States Botanic Garden, Orangerie Gallery, Washington D.C. Great Pollinator Partnership

2003            Bermuda National Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda Inside & Out: House & Home  

2003            Museum of the Diaspora, Tel Aviv, Israel Journey to No End of the World

2002            Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Yeshiva University Museum, New York, NY, Journey to No End of the World

2002            United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY,  eMotion Pictures

2002            Brunnier Art Museum, Ames, IA;  eMotion Pictures

2002            Yeshiva University Museum, New York, NY, Jewish Artists: On the Edge

2000            The Jewish Museum New York, Morocco: Jews and Art in a Muslim Land link

1998            Skirball Museum, Los Angeles, CA, Israel Through American Eyes: A Century of Photographs

1993            Arad Art Museum, Arad, Israel, 4 Guests at the Museum

1987            Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA, Undercover: Books by California Women Artists


Selected Group Exhibitions: Galleries/Universities/Public ArtSpaces

2018            Candela Gallery, Richmond, VA, Science as Muse link

2016            Bakalar & Paine Galleries at MassArt, Boston, Encircling the World: Contemporary Art, Science, and the Sublime link

2016            Sloan Projects, Santa Monica, CA, Body of Research link

2014            Gallery Tanto Tempo, Kobe, Japan, Tanto Tempo 7 link

2014            Woeske Gallery, Berlin, Germany, (2-person) Matter of Prospect

2014            Cross-Mackenzie Gallery, Washington D.C. Space link

2013            Ganna Walska Lotusland, Santa Barbara, CA, Swarm: A Collaboration with Bees

2011            UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Learning Resource Center, LA, CA, Art Via Microscope info

2010            Isik University Gallery, Istanbul, concurrent w/ Istanbul Biennial; Zirrat Bankasi Gallery, Ankara, Turkey, Trade Show

2010            Minarc Gallery Skart, Santa Monica, CA, Group SC 2009: An Intimate View of Southern CA, MOPLA/ Month of Photography LA info

2007            Carl Schlosberg Fine Arts, Beverly Hills, CA, 35th Anniversary Exhibition

2007            LA Artcore Brewery, Los Angeles, CA, Scape: Work by Rose-Lynn Fisher, Yoshio Ikezaki, Stephen Johns

2006            D.C. Arts Center, Washington D.C., From Sea to Shining Sea

2004            Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Washington DC, summer group show

2000            Marion Center for Photographic Arts, Santa Fe, NM, Jewish Artists: On the Edge

1986            Thinking Eye Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Small Shrines

1986            Gallerie Perseo Centroartivisive, Florence, Italy, Per fare un albero


International Festivals/Fairs

2016            STATE Festival for open science, art and society: EMOTION: The sentimental machine, Berlin, Germany link

2016            Asia Now, Paris Asian Art Fair, Paris, France, Women's Independence, curated by Magda Danysz

2016            Art in the City Festival, K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China, Women's Independence, curated by Magda Danysz

2016            PondyPhoto 2016, Old Fort, Pondicherry, India, WATER / The Kitchen Sink link

2014            PHOTOPOLIS: Halifax Festival of Photography, Nova Scotia, Canada link

2013,14       Mt Rokko International Photography Festival, Kobe, Japan

Published Books

2017            The Topography of Tears, Rose-Lynn Fisher. Bellevue Literary Press, NY

2012            BEE, Rose-Lynn Fisher. Princeton Architectural Press, NY, (paperback) reprint 2018

2010            BEE, Rose-Lynn Fisher. Princeton Architectural Press, NY

Included in these books:

2023            Awe, by Dacher Keltner. Penguin Press, NY, p173-178 link

2020            Savoir & Faire: Les Textiles, by Hugues Jacquet, (in chapter French Lace by Sophie Henwood, p.116), Actes Sud, FR link

2019            Anatomy: Exploring the Human Body, multiple editors, Phaidon, p.193 link

2018            What's Next? Eco Materialism & Contemporary Art, by Linda Weintraub, Intellect Books, UK. link

2018            Book cover art: Requiem for en kornmark, by Ditte Steensballe, Jensen & Delgaard, DK. link

2018            Book cover art: Eleanor or The Rejection of the Progress of Love, by Anna Moschovakis, Coffee House Press. link

2017            Where Honeybees Thrive, by Heather Swan, chapter: The Microscopic Sublime: The Art of Rose-Lynn Fisher, Penn State Univ Press, PA

2015            Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles, Edited by Jane Brown, Marla Hamburg Kennedy. Metropolis Books, NY, p.164, 238, 244 link

2014            La/crime/ndays, poetry by Giovanna Iorio, cover + interior images: Rose-Lynn Fisher. CFR Edizioni, Rome info/link

2012            New Zealand Ministry of Education. The Buzz of Bees -distributed to NZ school system. Photograph p.5 info

2007            Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME, Catalogue:"Both Sides of the Camera: Photographs from the Judith Ellis Glickman Collection" collection list

2004            Book cover art and design: Mihai Spariosu. Global Intelligence and Human Development:Toward an Ecology of Global Learning, MIT Press. link

2003            Ori Z. Soltes. Inside & Out: House & Home, Bermuda National Gallery, catalogue, p.6,44,46-7; Pl. 27,30; figs 1,54,55,58

2002            Ori Z. Soltes. Fixing the World: Jewish American Painters in the 20th Century, Brandeis University Press/UPNE p121-122, 156 link

2000            Vivian Mann. Morocco: Jews and Art in a Muslim Land, Merrell Publishers, London; Photographs. figs.26,46,47,55,56,57,68,69,70,71,76

1998            Barbara C. Gilbert. Israel Through American Eyes: A Century of Photography  Catalogue, Skirball Museum.p.36-38


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Projects, Events, Awards, Residencies (highlights)

2017           Collaboration with Stephen Walters & Sons (UK) for 2018 collection, silk weave adapted from bee image link

2015           Ongoing collaboration with Darquer Lace of Calais, France, in creation of Chantilly lace adapted from tear photomicrographs link

2014           Topography of Tears series - 2nd Place, International Photography Awards (IPA) link

2010            BEE - International Photography Awards (IPA): winner in Book: Nature link

2010            MOPLA - Month of Photography LA, Pro'Jekt LA 5: Sustenance and Sustainability: Focused Projects to Raise Awareness and Effect Change info

2010            MOPLA - GroupSC 2009: An Intimate View of Southern CA info

2009            The Forward Thinking Museum, JGS Foundation, Online Museum, "BEEyond" link

2008            World Festival of Sacred Music, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, Los Angeles, Masar Wa Nisae- The Woman's Path, projections/ Morocco photos- info

2006            Palm Springs Photo Festival, screened projection of BEEyond series; competition finalist

2006            BEEyond series - 1st Place, International Photography Awards (IPA): Special-Micro category

1999            Artist in residence, Mishkan Omanim, Herzliya, Israel, two months

1998            Morocco photo/research Jewish heritage, Jewish/Muslim co-existence, Draa and Tafilalet valleys, Sahara 6 weeks

1997            Grant, Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity, Los Angeles

1995            Artist in residence, Community Ster Van David, Gooreind-Wuustwezel, near Antwerp, Belgium, two months

1995            Morocco long-term photo/research project, Jewish & Muslim culture and saint veneration, two months

1992            Artist in residence, Arad Arts Project, Arad, Israel, eight months

1989            Grant, Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York, NY

1989            Grant, Brody Arts Fund, Los Angeles, CA