R O S E - L Y N N   F I S H E R    
Santa Monica California 2013-2023

The waves return and return, and I return to them again and again. For every reason and none at all - it’s my place to realign with the pulse of the sea, and to reconnect with that slightest curve of the horizon, take note of the earth’s sphere and remind me that we are in the whole universe as well as on this beach; that the earth is a body and the ocean its lifeblood. And that the numinous is part of every particle of sand. Particles and waves.

The power of a wave to move through water lifting it towards the sun, then just like that, it breaks, returning to the flow, back and forth, the rhythm of breath. It sounds like inspiration. All the same, we are vast and tiny. Within a multiplicity of moments in one spot at the edge of the continent I watch the water, fire, air, earth, uniting in a shimmering ripple treading the shore, just as the sun moves towards the horizon.

It’s on one beach in Santa Monica that I mark my path and my orbit over the years, in this place of constancy and constant change. Here is my place of ebullience and indecision, surprise and continuity, inspiration and obsession. Like themes and patterns, the waves return and return, though never the same.  

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