R O S E - L Y N N   F I S H E R    

The first time I looked at a bee’s eye magnified I was amazed to see a field of hexagons, just like honeycomb. A coincidence or a clue? Is it simply that hexagons are ubiquitous in nature, or is there a deeper connection between the structure of the bee’s eye and the structure she builds - in other words, corresponding frequencies expressed through similarity of form? This got me pondering on the connection between perception and action as principles. At our deepest essential being, does soul purpose resonate with an intrinsic structuring, the ‘golden mean’ within us?

As though revealing a secret, the scanning electron microscope presents a realm of structure, design and pattern at a level of intricacy we are oblivious to in our daily experience. In this bizarre frontier our sense of scale is confused, and connections between the micro and macro world become clearer and more tangible. In the myriad forms that constitute one little bee at higher and higher magnifications is a hint of the unending complexity of nature, the worlds within worlds comprising our reality. And then the realization – we are part of this too! It’s enough to rouse a mind to challenge itself; to inspire our best blend of observation and imagination, and apply it to making a better world.

The ultimate pollinator, an alchemist transmuting nectar into honey, architect, spatial genius and winged apothecary, the honeybee has been revered and utilized by civilizations throughout time. Our sustenance is dependent on bee pollination for one third of what we eat. The plight of bees due to colony collapse disorder, pesticides, habitat loss, mites, and other issues is prompting us to wake up to their needs, their necessity to us, and to take responsibility for restoring and protecting their health.

Honeybees live in a peaceful society whose industries benefit life. How can we emulate their example of harmlessness and beauty? For me, the honeybee symbolizes and embodies a congruency of form and function, vision and action, spirit and matter, all being of the same essence. I offer these photographs in celebration, respect and gratitude for all that they do and are.

© Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010


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Published by Princeton Architectural Press, foreword by Verlyn Klinkenborg
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Antenna sockets 43x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Antenna 130x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Antenna 400x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Antenna 3300x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Pollen on antenna 1100x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Eye 190x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Eye 370x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Sting 650x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Abdomen 75x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Abdomen 370x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Wing to body 550x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Wing seam 160x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Wing hooks 700x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Proboscis 150x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010

Beatrice 14x  © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2010